The Northeast ADA Center has developed several online toolkits that are available to a variety of audiences. These toolkits can assist you in your efforts to better understand ADA rights and responsibilities, and improve disability inclusiveness efforts in your business, agency, or workplace.

Making Work Happen General Employment Online Toolkit

People with disabilities bring a great deal to our workforce: Education, skills, adaptability, resilience and commitment. The Making Work Happen online tutorials aim to enhance the employment of people with disabilities by providing users with free, self-paced, on-demand learning experiences based on real-life issues and challenges around inclusiveness in the workplace. There is a toolkit for Employers and one for Service Providers. Each tutorial provides several learning options: General overviews, points from relevant research, self-assessments, true/false quizzes, print-n-go checklists and links for further resources.

Veterans with Disabilities Making Work Happen Online Toolkit

Designed in a similar fashion to the Making Work Happen General Employment Online Toolkit, the Veterans with Disabilities Making Work Happen Online Toolkit is specifically about reintegrating Veterans with Disabilities into our civilian workforce. There are three toolkits, one for employers, for service providers, and for veterans themselves. Each toolkit provides strategies and practices for improving the recruitment, supervision, retention, and support of veterans with disabilities within the workplace.

  1. The Employers Online Tutorial
  2. Disability Service Providers' Online Tutorial
  3. The Veterans' Online Tutorial

The Just-in-Time Program

If you are a company/employer and need to reach managers and supervisors within your organization, consider our Leading in a Inclusive Workforce: The Just-in-Time Program. Using both intensive training and a website customized to your organization, the Just-in-Time Program enables employers to engage face-to-face leaders (managers and supervisors) in developing effective and legally compliant management practices for workers with disabilities. The fee for this program is negotiated per company with a base price of $10,000. Find out more information about this program.