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Upcoming Events:

SundayJul 09

Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Presented By: Jennifer Perry


This training will provide the following: Overview of the Northeast ADA Center and how we can assist with ADA/disability related questions; Overview of the ADA (Titles of the Law, Enforcement Agencies, etc…); ADA Definition of a person with a disability; Review of Program Accessibility language for Title II (state/local government entities) and Barrier Removal obligations for Title III (places of public accommodation) and  conclude with “Hot Topics” – service animals, accessible parking (always a hot topic ; ), website accessibility.



Location: Piscataway, NJ
Online Training
WednesdayJul 26

Information Access to Healthcare Medical Records

Presented By: Joe Zesski

 Whether a person is going to their general doctor for a checkup or being admitted to a hospital for a procedure, today the record of medical visits are kept electronically and typically made available to the patient through some form of e-portal. With this movement towards electronic records keeping and sharing, effective communication for the patient is essential. This webinar will discuss the impact of the ADA on access for the patient to electronic medical records and documentation as well as the need for medical providers to ensure the accessibility of this critical information.